Nonprofit Organization

Your organization creates a positive impact on the world and in turn, we are committed to helping you make the most of that impact. Servicing Non-Profit Organizations, we take a deep dive into your current spending and investment policies, identifying then implementing the most effective methods of funding and governing your institution. If necessary, we may suggest adjustments to achieve an optimal spending rate with better balance between preservation of assets and funding of projected obligations.

Nonprofit Organization


Working to tie clients into the broader philanthropic community, helping to form effective associations with donors and other nonprofits with complementary interests.

Nonprofit Organization


Offering consultative services on fundraising, along with a variety of specialized services to help you work effectively with major donors.

Nonprofit Organization


Helping your staff understand the industry, assess operations and make adjustments to improve your productivity.

Donor-Advised Funds (“DAF”)

Donor Advised Funds allow a charity, such as a university or hospital, the opportunity to offer a DAF to its donor base without the cost of setting up and administering the program itself.

We offer charities three different options for grant administration:

Closed Universe

Under this option, all grants from a DAF account must be paid to a program associated with the account’s participating charity.

Open Architecture

Under this option, grants from a DAF account may be made to any qualifying organization. There is no requirement that any grant be made from the account to the participating charity.

50 - 50

Under this option, a grant to an organization other than the participating charity will trigger an automatic grant in the same amount to the participating charity. In other words, half of the account ultimately must be payable to the participating charity and half may be paid to any other qualifying organization.

Nonprofit Organization
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