About Our Firm

The August Wealth Management Group is a Fee-Only Private Wealth Management firm focused on providing transparent, comprehensive investment advice, strategic advisory services, financial planning, and more to individuals, families, organizations, corporations, and institutions, with complex financial needs, while operating within our fiduciary capacity.


Our Investment Philosophy Is Built on Three Core Principles.


We do not seek to predict the markets. We assess a company’s or asset's intrinsic value compared to the market price and invest accordingly. We invest side-by-side with our clients.


We believe a long-term view is essential to successful investing. Our approach allows us to base our decisions on a business’ expected value multiple years in the future rather than volatile quarterly expectations.


By focusing on intrinsic value, our goal is to generate substantial gains while mitigating risk. We’ve reduced the process of buying and selling securities to a discipline rather than an art.

Our Process

Working With You

Investing the time to learn about you and your family; your assets, liabilities, risk exposure and life insurance needs which enables him to formulate strategies and customize the relationship to your needs.

Providing clients with ongoing education on their circumstances. We take complex strategies and effectively communicating them using easy-to-understand verbiage and examples.

Working with your tax and legal advisors, we help analyze your income and estate tax circumstances to identify and tailor planning techniques that may be used to address your objectives.

Creating a custom wealth strategy implementing a combination of methods. Beginning with a strategic allocation that reflects risk, opportunities, and taxation across multiple entities, while integrating your investing and estate plans. Analyzing tax implications and trading cost on potential returns, we will incorporate a tactical allocation making short-term adjustments capitalizing on temporary market distortions. After comprehensive due diligence and analysis of expected results across multiple market scenarios, strategies are then chosen from our robust investment platform.

In coordination with your other advisors, we can conduct ongoing reviews and comprehensive reporting to ensure that your strategy adapts to changing financial and family needs.